Cars got ’em, bikes got ’em, so why not snowboards? That’s the opinion of the guys from Incline Incorporated, the makers of Snoshox. The idea behind Snoshox is to give riders a little extra cushion on big hits and dampen the ride on bumpy or chattery terrain. The shock itself is a micro cellular foam pad sandwiched between two pieces of composite plastic; one of which mounts to the board and the other to which the binding mounts. Keeping it all together is a stainless steel hinge which allows the top plate to shift slightly to the outside when compressed. When the shocks are compressed upon landing they move apart, widening your stance ever so slightly.

I personally didn’t notice a lot of dampening going on (but maybe not noticing is good) but I did notice the extra inch or so of rise. And this wasn’t a bad thing; I could carve like never before on my freestyle board with the extra toe and heel clearance. The added weight, however, was not a positive attribute. But Incline VP Kaj Gyr says this is just the beginning of what’s to come in the way of dampening. So I probably wouldn’t run out and buy one right away, but don’t be surprised if you see this technology evolve into something useful in the near future.