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SNOCRU x TWSNOW King of the Mountain Leaderboard Challenge

SNOCRU x TWSNOW King of the Mountain Leaderboard Challenge

This season we’ve teamed up with SNOCRU to determine who will be the King, or Queen, of the Mountain this season. Ride as much vertical as you can while using the SNOCRU app and you’ll be placed onto our official leaderboard here on TWSNOW.com. The rider with the most vertical feet in the months of January and February will each win a prize pack including a brand new Jones snowboard, as well as a grip of official TWSNOW gear. There is one prize pack up for grabs each month, so get out and ride as much as you can in order to take home the top spot!

Check back here to keep an eye on the leaderboard to see if you’ll come out on top this season.

SNOCRU is the award winning ski and snowboard tracking app, connecting snowboarders to the mountains on all levels.

Users can access SNOCRU's tracking technology with or without an internet connection, allowing for a day of riding and tracking without interruption.

Snowboarders can connect with each other in real time through the Near Me functionality, as well as Challenge fellow CRU members to compete on the slopes by setting up a DAYCRU.

Download the SnoCru App on iTunes or Google Play to Get Involved!