Tested: Skullcandy Hydropack

Skullcandy Hydropack ($139)

Key features: External speakers, MP3 player, and Bluetooth phone compatible hydration pack.

Pros: Adam says, "First off, this pack has a great fit. It has a zipper to expand the space of the pack or to make it smaller. All your electronics are operated from the strap of the pack, which was really easy to use. I also appreciated not having to dig around for a ringing phone or my iPod."

Cons: Adam says, "With everything in it and the hydration system totally full, it got heavy. Also, the buttons on the strap make it easy to change songs and answer the phone, but it's also easy to bump the controls by accident." He adds, "A couple times the speakers on the straps laid face down in the snow and muffled the sound, maybe it'd work better if they were on the sides."

Verdict: "This pack is easy to use and has so many different options that you don't get from a conventional backpack. One touch to pump the jams, talk on the phone, or stay hydrated on the mountain. I would definitely use it."

Adam Kisiel