Egghead, roundhead, fathead, skinnyhead … there’s a helmet for everyone these days and they’re doing double time as sound-systems, fashion statements, and sun protection. It makes even more sense to wear one when you consider that you’ll dramatically reduce your risk of getting a head injury.

Helmets 1-7 correspond with photo on the left (click to go huge).

01. Bern Baker Hard Hat in matte neon green, $90—100
This is the brand that Jake Brown was using at the X Games when he dropped from the sky … and walked away unscathed, so it is with this info that we also mention that this helmet is classified as a “hard hat not a “helmet as it hasn’t been put through the testing process to get certified. They fit real nice, have a solid brim, a knit-beanie liner, and are available with audio.

02. Boeri Vortex in O.T.C., $140
The lowest-profile helmet in the Boeri line, the Vortex is also lightweight and it’s got a stylish kick to the visor suggesting a brim, without some of the hassles of one. It protects your goggles too. This model also comes with the Radioactive audio drop liner—plug and play.

03. Giro G9 in matte sepia, $100
Dang, this one is lightweight, too. A new model this season, the G9 has the most awesome fit system (the In Form Fit System) that requires only your thumb to turn the dial located on the lower back rim and the whole head cage conforms to your head. If you have to order a helmet without trying it on, this is a good choice as it’s designed to fit 98 percent of the population. It’s available with Tune Ups audio system.
Certification: CE 1077/ASTM F 2040

04. Head Pro Team, $99
Touting this as a “beanie liner, it really is minimalist—which is a good thing on a helmet. Even the earpads and neck gator are removable. It’s got a less-than-matte black rubber touch finish. This is your choice for a first helmet—you won’t even know it’s there. Also available in the Pro Audio model with an audio system.
Certification: CE 1077/ASTM F 2040

05. Pro-Tec Vigilante Andreas Wiig Signature in pinstripe, $155
For those who really want to roll with style, this is the only choice: pinstripe fabric. Pro-Tec delivers a low-profile skate-style helmet souped-up with a banging sound system. The Wiig model comes standard with Plantronics Audio Force DJ-style earpads (made of a perforated PU foam) with easily accessible volume control on one earpad and mute on the other. Sick!
Certification: CE 1077/ASTM 2040

06. RED Trace in skate green, $90
What’s so special about this helmet? How about multitasking—the goggle snap and earpads slip right off to make this snowboard helmet skate or BMX ready. Two plugs in the front slide out for extra ventilation. It’s available in a slew of colors including a canvas cloth covering. One helmet for all your sports!
Certification: CPSC/ CE 1077/ASTM 2040

07. Smith Holt in mythology, $100
The ultimate goggle/helmet integration; the Holt works seamlessly with Smith’s regulator goggle ventilation to keep air moving and fog away—check the vents on the mellow brim. Models without the mythology graphics will only set you back 70 bucks—and this one also crosses over to the skatepark. Time to stop making excuses for not wearing a helmet. This model is available with Plantronics, Bluetooth, or Skullcandy Single Shot audio systems.
Certification: CE 1077/ASTM F 2040

How To Buy A Helmet

To determine your helmet size you need to measure your head.

•A downlloadable tape measure is available at Wrap it around your head above your eyebrows. The usual range is between 51—63 centimeters.
•Once you determine your size, you should try on a bunch of different models in the correct size.
•Find one that fits snug with the pads making contact all around your head—no side-to-side or front-to-back movement.
•Narrow it down based on which one you like enough to actually wear all the time.
•And finally try on your goggles with the helmet to make sure everything works together.