Lago Snowboards Officially on the Market

Earlier this summer, Scotty Lago posted up a pic at Hood with a fleet of shred-sticks with his last name emblazoned on the bases. It was obvious this was the initial leak of a new series of boards being crafted and distributed by Lago, so we reached out for details on these decks. Lago originally said the website was in the works and he would get back to us when things were dialed. Fast-forward two months and is live.

According to the About Page, Lago Snowboards are Committed to bringing you the highest quality snowboards at an affordable price. No hype, no gimmicks, no BS. We make boards we love to ride, and we think you'll love them too.

So just what are Lago Snowboards all about? We reached out to Scotty for the scoop.


Photo: Lago Snowboards

Scotty, what's up with Lago Snowboards? Hit us with the details.
We are up and running now. Just selling 'em online to keep it simple and fun. The website is I'm getting [the boards] made in China at a factory called GP87 (a newish factory) and working with Eric Luthardt, a guy I've known for a while and he used to make my pro-models, so he knows how I like my boards. Dan runs the factory and oversees everything. He has been doing high-end boards and cool shapes for years and has been making boards since 1987. I just felt more comfortable choosing them since I need flexibility and need a damn good board.

Lago Boards

The Double Barrel. Photo: Lago Snowboards

You have two models, the Double Barrel and the Open Road. What are the tech components of these decks? 

Both models have paulownia [wood] cores, pre-cured carbon stringers, sintered sidewalls, P-Tex 4000 sintered bases and epoxy formulated with rubber. The Double Barrel is a true twin shape, asym sidecut that is only tighter between the feet, so it’s not so in your face and camber that mellows out to the tips. The Open Road is a pow deck, has a floaty early rise nose, mellow camber, and a big tail on a wider shape to surf pow and do whatever else on.

How did the idea for these decks come to be?
I just wanted to make my own boards! Thought it would be fun and was excited to make what I would call “a perfect board for me."

What else should we know about Lago Snowboards?
These boards rip!

Check out more about Lago boards here.