Salomon Drift

Physics was our least favorite class, but that won’t stop us from talking about the Drift and Salomon’s new Equalizer sidecut, designed to fight the evil forces of chatter and tip/tail washout. Comprised of geometrically straight lines instead of the standard curving sidecut, the Equalizer profile allows the entire edge to naturally touch the snow at a standstill. With a regular arcing sidecut, the edge contact points remain at your feet and the deck’s widest points (the tip and tail) unless you really flex the board. The Drift can thus have a soft, frolicking freestyle flex and still hold an edge like a seriously stiff board. “The Drift changes direction and speed if you so much as think about it, says Salomon Snowboard Design Manager David Farcot. “It’s surprising at first, but you quickly realize that you can charge as hard as on a stiffer board.

Length: 156 cm
Sidecut radius: 7.7 m
Waist width: 25 cm
Effective edge: 121 cm
Price: $350
Also available: 148, 152, 159