Roxy Ollie Pop BTX

Roxy Ollie Pop, $399Roxy Ollie Pop BTX, $399

Here’s what the tester had to say:

“Extremely responsive for the effort I put into it. I felt I just got maximum response back. Easy turns and smooth sailing on the take offs”
“This board was really, really fun. Good pop and stability while being flexy enough for rails. I felt very comfortable on it and would probably ride it on any terrain.”

“This board was super fun! I took a little more effort to press than I had anticipated, other than that it was awesome!”

“This board was amazing. Floaty for such a little board. It had a bit of rebound, but would prefer a bit more snap”
“Awesome-ly fun. Pops well, turns with ease. Floats in the pow!”

Roxy Ollie Pop BTX Effective Edge (cm) Waist Width (cm) Weight Range (lbs) Stance Range (in) Stance Location (in) Sidecut (m) Shape Camber
141 cm 105 23.5 n/a 16.5–21.5 Centered 7.6 Twin Alternative
145 cm 108 23.9 n/a 17.75–22.5 Centered 7.7 Twin Alternative
148 cm 111 24.2 n/a 18.75–23.5 Centered 7.8 Twin Alternative
151 cm 114 24.2 n/a 18.75–23.5 Centered 7.9 Twin Alternative
154 cm 117 24.2 n/a 18.75–23.5 Centered 8 Twin Alternative