Root 100 Ginseng Chew

It’s the chew that’s good for you. Ginseng has long been exalted as a root with life-extending, energetic properties. Now Vermont Ginseng Products is mass-marketing Root 100 in the same plastic container tobacco chew is sold in and targeting those who dip. But regardless of its appearance as 3chew,ý you may even find grandma packin’ a quid of this stuff. Root 100 comes in several flavors, but of the two I’ve tried, they taste quite similar. The consistency is a bit like reconstituted wood pulp; it just reminds you you’re chewing on ground up root. The cool thing is you don’t have to spit and VGP recommends, 3For maximum benefit, consume entire portion.ý

Hard core tobacco addicts may not find Root 100 totally satisfying, but if you haven’t chewed much (or at all) you may like the subtle, high-energy buzz you get from chewing ginseng. And while it’s certainly no substitute for the real thing, it is a healthy alternative which may help you kick the habit.