Proving once again to be a weapon of choice for nearly any style of riding, the Katana has only gotten sharper for 2019. Featuring a revamped asymmetrical design, the Katana not only looks sleeker than in years past but also has increased performance to match.Testers were pleased to find the upgraded highbacks provided ample support and response, especially when digging deep into heelside carves, while the improved lateral flex allowed for optimal tweakability when lapping through the park. And thanks to its still highly adjustable interface, the Katana holds its place as an ultimate all-mountain binding that will slice through a variety of terrain.

Binding Features & Details

  • AsymFlex Channel highback
  • AsymWrap 2 Technology
  • Yes, I Can’t interchangeable footbeds
  • V-Rod Ultralight baseplate
  • MSRP $360.00

Rad: The most adjustable bindings tested.

Bad: Ankle straps are a tad bulky.

Once again, Rome’s versatile Katana proved to be the most adjustable binding in the test. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Rome’s Yes, I Can’t interchangeable footbeds lets you choose your desired level of canting. Yes, the options come included. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Although a tad bulky, the Katana’s plush ankle straps were among the most comfortable. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

OpenForm toe straps performed as advertised—they conformed to any boot with ease. So much so, that it was easy to forget they were on at all. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Straps were a breeze to dial in without ever needing a tool. Just one of many adjustable features on this fine-tuned binding. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

You’re looking at perhaps the most adjustable binding industry wide. While they may take some time to initially dial in, the ability to eliminate virtually any pressure points whatsoever is well worth the investment. | PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

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