Rock Out With Reverse Camber Technology

The mad geniuses behind Mervin Manufacturing have come up with more weird and wonderful technology. This time? “Banana technology. Basically, this means reverse camber, a downward bowing out between your feet rather than the concave curve that a traditional board makes lying on a flat surface. While it might seem counterintuitive, this technology is meant to deliver heightened control between your bindings, while a slightly stiffened tip and tail add pop. According to Lib Tech Co-Founder and Head Banana of Marketing Pete Saari, this is one board that can do it all: “You can ride your wide, centered park stance everywhere and it works perfectly for jibbing, parks, steeps, ice, jumps, carving, and pow. Our whole shop is on Bananas and a bunch of our pros, including Jamie Lynn and Danny Kass. We think camber will be done in a few years.

Length: 156 cm
Sidecut radius: 8.3 m (Magne-Traction)
Waist width: 25.5 cm
Effective edge: 117 cm
Price: $430
Also available: 152, 159

For the twenty-year anniversary reissue of the famous Gyrator model, K2 has developed “Rocker technology, a surf-inspired reverse-camber design for the purpose of maximum powder flotation. This rocked-out powder gun is essentially flat between the bindings and then gradually rockers out toward the tips, making it naturally rise to the surface of soft snow for sweet and easy turns. Says K2 Snowboard Design Engineer Sean Tedore, “Traditional boards require extra effort to flex out the camber before you can turn them. This is good in the right conditions and helps to increases edge hold--but not powder. The Rocker tech has already de-cambered the board, so all you have to do is lean into your turns and they happen.

Length: 168 cm
Sidecut radius: 8.4 m
Waist width: 25.8 cm
Effective edge: 130.46 cm
Price: $550
Also available: 162