More badass than a tricked out classic Camaro Z28, Ride’s limited edition WT binding “Rare and Raw” is guaranteed to cause mayhem when it hits stores before Thanksgiving.

With its spike-studded highback and bass-boat glitter gold finish, think of the WT as the big, bad, rebellious older brother of Ride’s best selling EX binding. He’ll kick the shit out of you and then dust you off to go for a beer.

But the WT is more than just attitude. Features added to this limited edition snowboarding machine are a doubleback highback complete with carbon rebound rods, multi-density padding on both the ankle strap and highback, and a gel-inserted heel landing pad. Pair those features with the tried and true lightweight anatomical aluminum baseplate, heelcup and ratchets and the WT will bring out the hesher in all of us.

With only 2000 worldwide the WT “Rare and Raw” is selling fast. Get ’em now because once they’re gone, there ain’t going to be a reunion tour.