Reviews 2000: Rossignol SIS Lifter FM

Tested with Rossignol Salto F4 boot.

Ease of entry: Good
Ease of exit: Above Average
Performance: Above Average
Snow clog factor: Above Average
Step in on the fly? Blindfolded.
Highback: External

The “So Insanely Simple” tag isn’t far off in describing the Rossi. This is a no-look, straight-down-and-in move, even with some forward lean. A metal bar across the bottom of each midsole holds you in, while a full-length baseplate underfoot supplies toe-to-heel contact. The pull from the midsole feels natural and constant even during rigorous freeriding.

Release comes with the strain-free pull of a single lever on the inside of the foot. It’s simple as well, but not as altogether easy as getting in.

There are some minor complaints, nit-picking, really: having to carry an Allen wrench in addition to the usual screwdriver to make adjustments is a drawback. And there were no numerals marked on the binding discs for hassle-free mounting.

But mostly, this system works-the highback rotates and the heel cup adjusts to ensure you get the fit you like. Snow clog seems to be a nonissue.

Thumbs up: Simplicity is the essence of beauty.

Thumbs down: Uhh, not a lot.

These companies also make boots compatible with the Rossignol system: Emery, MLY, Original Sin.

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