Raichle’s hardshell snowboard boot collection includes the introduction of both a ladies/junior model, the SB-122 and the first ever kids specific hardshell boot, the SB-120. In addition, the SB-125 and SB-122 will be offered with Raichle’s new premolded ThermoFlex innerboot.


The SB-122 for ladies and juniors is a freecarve hard boot which features a shorter upper cuff design and a lower cut innerboot. This freecarve boot is designed with a Flexon rib soft tongue; a 3-buckle micro system; forward lean adjustment; and is available with 2 different liners. The SB-122 TF comes with a premolded Dual Density ThermoFlex liner or a foam spiral wrap innerboot. Both liners are cut low in the rear to accommodate a woman’s shorter leg and lower calf muscle. The lower, softer cut of the boot also makes it suitable for lighter weight juniors. Sizes include Mondopoint 21.5 to 27.5.

KID’S SB-120

The SB -120 is the first hardshell snowboard boot in the world to be specifically designed for kids. It is an all around freeride boot with a soft “Children’s flex” Flexon rib design tongue; a simple to use 2 micro buckle adjustment system; and a forward lean adjustment mechanism. The innerboot with its classic tongue design is specially lasted for children. The boot will be available in mondopoint sizes 19.5 to 23.5.

SR-125, SR-124. SB-123

The SB-125 will be offered with either Raichle’s new premolded high density performance ThermoFlex liner or a spiral wrap innerboot. The SB-125 is designed for alpine snowboard racing and features an interchangeable hard and soft Flexon ribbed tongue. It also has a lateral flex mechanism for adjustment on the hill; forward lean adjustment with 5 basic positions; adjustable free-flex position; and a quick release walk/ride mode.

The SB-124 is for the advanced, all around alpine rider. It is designed with a flex-rib tongue; 3 micro adjustable buckle system; Velcro power strap; flex adjustment; adjustable lateral flex mechanism; 5 position forward lean adjustment; and the quick release walk/ride mode.

The SB- 123 is an all around freecarve alpine boot with a flex rib soft tongue; 3 micro adjustable buckle closure system; Velcro power strap; and forward lean.

Raichle also continues as one of the 3 brands of hardboots compatible with the Intec system. Each binding system is sold with a Raichle heel sole adapter. The mechanic replaces the boot’s rubber heel sole with this new adapter in the shop, and the boot is immediately ready for step in.

Raichle Snowboard Boots are distributed by Raichle Molitor USA, Inc. RMUSA is also the exclusive distributor of Raichle Ski, Hiking, Mountaineering and Trekking Boots; Dee Luxe Snowboard Boots; Fischer Alpine Skis; Fischer Cross Country Skis and Boots; Hot and Hammer Snowboards; Rage and SnowPro Snowboard Bindings; Boxx Snowboard Clothing; and Eloura Snowboard Gloves. The company is based in Brewster, New York and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raichle Sports AG of Kreuzlingen