PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Built with grip for grabs, freedom for fingers, and insulation for heat—these gloves and mitts have everything your digits need.

1. Drop Rerun Gore-Tex Glove ($65)
A burly winter glove backed by Gore-Tex, with a removable liner.

2. Special Blend Mitt ($50)
A solid mitt with bold style.

3. Celtek Aviator Glove ($80)
Designed for all-season shredding by veteran Bjorn Leines.

4. Burton AK Leather Tech Glove ($70)
Premium leather, a thin profile, and a workwear look.

5. Volcom Gigi Gore-Tex Mitt ($100)
This mitt features two hand chambers: a thin one for grip and another for warmth.

6. Analog Alder Mitt ($55)
Danny Davis' signature style in a lightweight mitt fit.