Pro Setups: Sage Kotsenburg

TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll 16 Men's Reader's Choice Nomination

Plenty of riders have tired to master the casual riding-in-a-hoodie look, but no one has it dialed quite like Sage. Our favorite golden boy loves the wearing a simple sweatshirt so much, that he recently showed up to event practice in Australia with only a long-sleeve on, and had to freeze though the whole day because he was sportin' the wrong gear. He wasn't bummed and barged though it, but that's Sage. The 22-year-old thinks snowboard styles needs to bring individuality back and told us, "I don’t care what anyone wears and I don’t think anyone should care what anyone else wears. If you wanna wear a certain article of clothing, then just send it!” One piece of shred gear he refuses to rock unless they're fresh are his socks. "Unless I'm in complete dire straits, I will never wear the same socks without washing them." Pretty true for most of of us, but we know there's some of you who've pulled a couple days of wear out of one pair.

DOB: 7/27/1993

Home Mountain: Park City, Utah

Height: 5′ 10″

Stance: Goofy, 22.5 inches wide, 15° front, -12° back

Sponsors: Monster Energy, APO, GoPro, Milo, Neff, Nike, Park City Mountain Resort

Jacket: Nike SB 800 Aeroloft Empire Jacket

Pants: Nike SB OW 9 Pocket Pant

Board: APO Iconic Sage Kotsenburg 157 $560

Boots: Nike Kaiju $N/A

Bindings: Union Force $219

Goggles: Nike Fade Sage Kotsenburg Model

Mitts: Neff Sage Kotsenburg $60

Beanie: Gas Station Beanie Black $10

Sox: Stance

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