Pro Setups: Pat Moore’s head-to-toe 2015-2016 gear

Pro Setups: Pat Moore

TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Men’s Rider of the Year Nomination

"My main goal was to make some durable gear that keeps you warm,” says Pat Moore of his pro-model Volcom setup. "I ran the same kit all winter with no issues and looked damn fine doing it. Don’t buy some terrible jacket because it looks like a hamburger, get something that's worth your money!" Pat's style these days is low-profile and ninja-like, which is a departure how he dressed in the past. "I used to listen to rap music and dress like an idiot in high school, so I’d say [my style] has changed for the better! Though Pat has his own board model, jacket, and pants, his most prized piece o' gear are his Volcom gloves. "I’ve never had the chance to design a pair of pro-model gloves and I think they came out dope,” he says. “Your gloves are what you are always looking down at and are one of the more crucial parts of your kit. Cold hands suck, so I’m just hyped to put some effort into a nice glove.”

DOB: 11/15/1986

Home Mountain: Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

Height: 5' 10″

Stance: Regular, 22 inches wide, front 24°, back -3°

Sponsors: Volcom, Red Bull, Vans, Electric, Ass Industries, Air Hole, Crab Grab, Eastern Boarder, Union

Jacket: Volcom Pat Moore Insulated $300

Pants: Volcom Pat Moore $170

Board: Capita Volcom Team $N/A

Boots: Vans Sequal $280

Bindings: Union Force $219

Goggles: Electric EGX $170

Gloves: Volcom Pat Moore $45

Hat: Red Bull $N/A

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