As seen in the December 2018 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding.

Words: Taylor Boyd
Photos: Aaron Blatt, Andy Wright

Pat Moore has influenced product since 2008, when his first Forum Destroyer hit the market. At this point, the pieces the buzzard has a hand in designing span from head to toe, and there's a theme that runs through it all. Each is built with traditional sensibility, intended to last. While most modern snowboards employ some form of hybrid profile, Pat's has regular-ass camber with radial sidecut. His jacket sports a simple aesthetic and enough waterproofing for BC. Boots are one thing no one needs a quiver of, and as one among a handful of pros who can ride the street and backcountry with equivalent acuity, Pat created a boot with laces and a rugged sole that can do both. The following represent the choices of someone who's able to not only ride whatever product he wants, but also play a role in its design.

Pat Moore. Eagle Pass, BC. PHOTO: Andy Wright.

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Stance: 21°/-3°, 22" wide, 1" set back

Boards: CAPiTA Volcom Team 160 for powder, 156 for park and street

Boot: Vans Infuse, size 9

Binding: Bent Metal Solution, medium

Jacket: Volcom Pat Moore 3-in-1, large

Pant: Volcom Pat Moore, large

Goggle: Electric Masher

Glove: Volcom Service Gore-Tex, large

Midlayer: Pat Moore Fleece, large

Shoe: Vans SK8-Hi MTE size 9

Hat: Volcom Full Stone beanie

Accessories: AirHole facemask, Crab Grab traction, Vans x Smartwool Slopestyle Light socks

Custom preferences: I run medium forward lean with my high backs rotated to match the heel edge of my board. I leave the edges stock and wax often with the best—Haul Ass Wax!

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