Pro Setups: Mary Rand’s head-to-toe 2015-2016 gear

“Nice, thin, but warm, breathable base layers are where it all starts.”—Mary Rand. Photo: Ben Birk
She may have casual style but Mary formally takes on this Connecticut kink. Photo: Ben Birk

Pro Setups: Mary Rand

TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders' Poll 16 Women's Rookie of the Year

Hailing from Narragansett, Rhode Island on the Ice Coast, Mary scooped up our Women's Rookie Of The Year Award in 2015 for going ham in the streets and laying down solid parts while filming with the Yawgoons. She's particular about her gear, and says "I like to keep it comfy, close to what I wear normally. Not too big, not too small." She's keen on light layers also and says, "Nice, thin, but warm, breathable base layers are where it all starts."

DOB: 3/12/1992

Home Mountain: Loon Mountain, New Hampshire and Yawgoo Valley, Rhode Island

Height: 5' 1.5"

Stance: Regular, 18.75 inches wide, front 6°, back -6°

Sponsors: Rome SDS, Volcom, VonZipper, Vans, Ass Wax, Civil Skate Shop, Loon Mountain


Board: Rome 143 Lo-fi Rocker  $460

Boots: Vans Hi-Standard $180

Sunglasses: Von Zipper Edison Glasses $125

Goggles: Von Zipper Cleaver Goggles $110

Bindings: Rome Madison Boss $260

Jacket: Volcom Oka Puff Down $300

Hoodie: Civil Skate Shop

Pants: Volcom Battle Stretch Pant $170

Beanie: Crab Grab $18

Base Layers: Volcom Essene Crew $55

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