Pro Setups: Jess Kimura’s head-to-toe 2015-2016 gear

Holding it down on home turf. Jess with an Andrecht in Vernon, BC, Canada. Photo: Erin Hogue
“Lightning power cats…” Pretty much sums up Jess Kimura. Photo: Scott Serfas

Pro Setups: Jess Kimura

TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll 16 Women’s Readers’ Choice Nomination

This year, Jess Kimura worked with Capita and created a newly revamped pro model. It’s one of our Good Wood Winner's because our ladies testers loved the way it charged in all conditions, on and off-piste. Kimura is pumped on her the deck and told us it was her favorite piece of gear, because of its "lightening power cats... self explanatory." Peter Line was the creative mind behind that killer kitty graphic, and it's clearly a hit with Kimura and with our crew of testers. Despite being one of the leading female jibbers in the game, Kimura isn't feeling the skinny stances that some riders are rocking these days. On that trend, she says, "To each his/her own, but really, really small stances look funny to me... But maybe that’s just cause I’m getting old." 

DOB: 5/25/1984

Home Mountain: Silver Star, BC, Canada

Height: 5'1"

Stance:  Regular, 20 inches wide, 15°, -3°


Sponsors: Captia, Union, Monster Energy, Nike, Coal, Electric, Celtek

Jacket: Nike Coach’s Coat $N/A

Pants: Nike Willowbrook $ N/A

Board: Capita Jess Kimura Pro Model $450

Boots: Nike Vapen $N/A

Bindings: Union Trilogy $219

Goggles: Electric EGV $100

Mitts: Celtek Jess Kimura Pro Model $40

Hat: Coal Frena Solid $20

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