Jess Kimura: Riders' Poll 17 Women's Video Part Of The Year

Age: 32
Home Mountain: Whistler Blackcomb
Height: 5'2"
Stance: Regular, Front 15°, Back -3°

Board: CAPiTA Jess Kimura Pro Model 146: $450
Boots: Nike Vapen $270
Bindings: Union Trilogy $219
Gloves: Celtek Women's Maya $39.99
Goggles: Electric EG3.5 $220
Accessories: Beanie by Coal Headwear $30

Capita, Union, Electric, Celtek
This year, Desiree Melancon picked up the Women's Rider Of The year award for a second time, but granted the award to Jess Kimura who was not only recovering from an injury while filming part for Snowboarder's SFD, but still processing the lost of her boyfriend Mark Dickson, who passed away in 2014 after a head-on collision while riding his motor bike.

"I would like to take a moment to recognize someone who has given all of herself to snowboarding," Desiree said. "Someone who has overcome the worst odds, not just in snowboarding, but from the very beginning. Someone who has inspired me above all others, and she is the reason I'm standing on this stage today."

"She is the five-foot giant, carrying the world on her shoulders," Desiree continued. "I can't imagine the sacrifice, struggle, or heartache that went into Jess Kimura's video part this year. I only saw the outcome. I would like to take this moment, to respectfully, grant the TransWorld Women's Rider Of The Year distinction, not for this video part, but for every fucking video part she has ever filmed, to my beautiful, strong amazing friend Jess Kimura."

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