Pro Setups: Halldor Helgason’s head-to-toe 2015-2016 gear

Pro Setups: Halldor Helgason

TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll 16 Men's Readers' Choice Nomination

Halldor Helgason is running a loose program on his gear these days, and seems to be in need of new pants, boots, and a jacket. But despite his lack of technical threads, he's not bummed. His favorite piece of gear is his VZ hoodie, because according to Halldor, "when you have a hoodie that fits good, it's simple, you're pumped!" Halldor's style has fluctuated over the years and while he no longer rocks multicolor coats and tri-ply tall-tees, he's not hating on anyone that still likes that look. "I don't want any style to fade out to be honest—the more different styles there are, the better it is for snowboarding," he said during a phone interview about his gear. No word if he was actually wearing pants or just sporting his skivvies during our chat…

DOB: 1/10/91

Home Mountain: Hlíðarfjall, Iceland

Height: 5′ 6″

Stance: Regular, 24 inches wide, front 15°, back -3°

Sponsors: Monster Energy, Von Zipper, Lobster, Switchback, Neff, 7/9/13

Hoodie: Von Zipper $65

Pants: I don't wear pants

Board: Lobster Asym Halldor Pro $500

Boots: I don't wear boots

Bindings: Switchback Halldor Pro $280

Goggles: Von Zipper Jetpack $180

Sunglasses: Von Zipper Bionacle $100

Gloves: Neff Halldor Pro $60

Hat: Hoppipolla Halldor Pro $29

Belt: 7/9/13 $19

Headphones: Coloud Headphones $23

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