Birthday: 10th of January 1991

Home Mountain: Hlíðarfjall

Stance: Regular, 22 Inches wide, 18 and 18 Degrees

Board: Lobster Snowboard, size 156, my pro model

Boots: Hmmmmm I don’t remember…

Bindings: Switchback bindings, my pro model

Jacket: atrip, Flour lake, Size Large

Hoodie: atrip, Fairbanks, Size XL

Pants: atrip, Pite, Size Medium

Hats: Neff Headwear

Mitts: Neff Gloves

Base Layers: atrip, Waldport Size L

Goggles: Von Zipper

Sunglasses: Von Zipper

Socks: atrip

Belt: 7-9-13 belts

Cameras: Gopro


What's your favorite piece of gear and why? 

My snowboard and bindings because I snowboard. If that’s not on point, it’s hard to be pumped while riding.

What gear trend do you see in snowboarding that you’d like to fade out?

To be honest there are none. In snowboarding, you are allowed to do what ever you want.

Tell us a little bit about Lobster.

We are a rider driven brand that loves snowboarding, we keep it loose and not too serious and we are here to stay!



Monster, Go Pro, Lobster Snowboards, Von Zipper, Neff Headwear, atrip apparel, Switchback Bindings, 7-9-13 Belts, Kaleidoscope skateboards


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