About Prior Snowboards:

Since 1989, Prior has been focused on handcrafting premium products for the snow sports industry. Our aim over the last two decades is to consistently produce boards that stand up to the test of time, as well as the rigorous performance needs of the most dedicated riders and elite athletes. Shape, length, sidecut, flex, weight, camber, and material composition are all carefully considered and tested in Prior's factory at the bottom of Whistler Mountain. Our unrivaled access to R&D leads to continuous enhancements of its full lineup of handcrafted boards, skis and splitboards.





MSRP: $519.95
Colors: Thunderbird Totem
Sizes: 158, 162, 162W, 165, 165W, 168, 168W, 172, 176

The MFR is a classic example of a true all-mountain board. The MFR shape has been updated this year for a more refined ride. A directional freeride shape delivers a smooth, stable ride in a variety of different snow conditions. The hybrid rocker profile adds to its versatility; rocker in the nose and tail for turn initiation and float while maintaining traditional camber underfoot for added stability, rebound and edge hold. With minimal taper, the MFR provides both power and drive on edge while allowing the playful rider to land or ride switch.


MSRP: $459.95
Colors: Big Bear
Sizes: 147, 150, 153, 156

The Brandywine, Prior's high performance, directional freeride board for women, got an updated shape for 2018-19. This board draws a smooth, stable and fast line through all snow conditions. With a narrow waist and softer flex than the Men's Freeride, the Brandywine allows women to drive the board harder and maximize energy transfer for the best performance possible. Utilizing the Hybrid Rocker Profile, the Brandywine promises maximum versatility. The rocker portions increase both float and turn initiation while the traditional camber maintains edge grip, stability and rebound performance. With minimal taper, the Brandywine provides both power and drive on edge while allowing the playful rider to land or ride switch.


MSRP: $495.95
Colors: Lambchop
Sizes: 153, 156, 159, 162, 162W, 165, 165W

The Wildcard is brand new for 2018/19. The true twin design provides versatility, predictability and pop both inbounds and out. Proudly dubbed the Wildcard for it's ability to excel in a variety of terrain. Whether it is hitting your first backcountry booter or dialing your tricks on the XL line in the park, this board does it all. The symmetrical shape promises maximum performance for ambidextrous riders; nose to tail, it's the same board.


MSRP: $479.95
Colors: Botanical Blue
Sizes: 144. 147, 150, 153, 156

The Slaylok is our women's specific twin. Taking inspiration from our men's line up, the Slaylok utilizes a tighter turning radius, narrower waist and softer, more responsive freestyle flex to allow female riders to have a powerful board that is tailored for their smaller boot size. The symmetrical shape of the Slaylok provides maximum performance riding both regular or switch.

Thruster & Legacy

MSRP: $535.95
Colors: Minimal
Sizes: 139, 149

The newest addition to the Prior fleet, with its shorter length and unconventional shape, the Thruster offers exceptional speed and float. Taking design cues from our ever popular powder lineup as well as the evolution of surf designs. This short and nimble board allows you to charge tight lines, aggressively carve open faces or rip through the trees thanks to its wider waist width and significant side cut. The legacy evolved during the development of our newest shape; the Thruster. Chris Prior wanted to offer powder hounds the option to ride this latest powder shape with a more traditional rounded tail. Thanks to its 280mm waist this board still offers ample float and the ability to ride lines that previously demanded a larger board underfoot.


MSRP: $595.95
Colors: Mason Mountains
Sizes: 152, 156, 161, 167

The Slasher takes inspiration from its bigger brothers the Powstick and Fissile. A short radius, longer pow nose and small swallowtail primes this board to slay all terrain from top to bottom, in true Whistler fashion. It allows for tight carves, stays on top with ease and will even rail on groomers.


MSRP: $559.95
Colors: Treescape
Sizes: 150,153, 156, 160, 165, 170

The Khyber has been the long running ride of choice amongst the local Prior community on those deep, coastal days! With an updated shape for this year, the Khyber delivers more float, control and agility than ever before. The drastic tail taper allows this directional shape to truly excel in the deepest of conditions; with 25mm of taper in the tail, the back end sinks, allowing the nose to float and relieve back leg burn. Combined with a large shovel, the Khyber creates ample float on the deepest days and provides a surf inspired ride. The Khyber features our Hybrid Rocker Design. Rocker in the nose and tail provide added float while maintaining traditional camber underfoot for stability and rebound.


MSRP: $595.95
Colors: Maple Leaves
Sizes: 156, 161, 166, 172, 178

The Fissile was designed to float like a long-board that turns on a dime. An elongated nose and 6.5m turning radius offers a ride that emulates surfing and is guaranteed to produce face shots. The pointy nose of the fissile provides maximum float, agility and control in the deepest conditions. It's suggested to ride the Fissile about 8-10cms longer than your current ride as the elongated nose doesn't touch down unless you're in the deep stuff!


MSRP: $629.95
Colors: Whistronomy
Sizes: 161, 166, 172, 178

The Spearhead provides arguably the most versatile freeride performance in the Prior powder board lineup. Big alpine bowls to trees, the Spearhead handles it all! The Spearhead's elongated nose and surf inspired rocker profile provides unparalleled float and edge to edge agility. The moderate sidecut, taper and cambered tail gives enhanced performance and drive, especially when powering off of the back


MSRP: $699.95
Colors: Repeat Clear
Sizes: 167, 176, 181

The Pow Stick, Prior's swallowtail, is the king of big mountain directional powder boards. The swallowtail breaks down resistance and allows for a more natural stance without the dreaded back leg burn. With limited taper and a long effective edge, the Pow Stick has surprisingly quick edge to edge engagement and efficient in variable snow conditions. The tail flexes independently which increases mobility and provides a smooth transition to finish the turn.

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