Previewed: anon M2 goggle



The anon M2 Mark Landvik Pro


"Water, fire, air and dirt. F—king magnets, how do they work?" The ICP would be really blown away by the anon M2, the brand’s second offering with magnetic lens attachment. A lot of reports on the original M1 were that the frame wasn't totally sealed up, letting too much air through, but the M2 definitely addresses that issue—even to the point of questioning how well they’ll vent being so sealed. The magnets do their job well, it’s super easy to pop them out to swap lenses or just show off the technology. It’s not like they just pop out whenever they want, but if you try to pull at your goggles with one hand in the middle of the frame—adjusting your goggles with your board in one arm, holding a coffee or a beer—you might feel the lens pop loose.

The frame is nice and wide, and the fit—the nose feels really broad, it doesn’t pinch down at all, but it still makes a perfect seal. The one drawback with the pair I got my hands on was that the two apparently stock lens options are either black or yellow. Great for lots of sun or absolutely none, but a little harsh for those in-between days. Definitely going to want something neutral for when the forecast calls for partly cloudy.

Rating: All said, surprisingly awesome.


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