LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. Nov. 8, 1996– Crush(tm) Innovative Sports Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific International Enterprises Inc. (NASDAQ BB:PCIE) on Friday announced that on Nov. 6, 1996, the Crush R&D Team finalized its production boot and binding comprehensive, on-snow tests.

The main goals of the tests were to rate the improved performance, comfort and warmth. Some of the tests performed included walking in the boots on steep terrain, free-riding, riding in the park hitting jumps and high-speed carving.

The final test performed was stepping in and out of the bindings on all grades and types of terrain, including right off the chair. Three hard-core pro riders put the re-engineered system through this rigorous group of tests and maneuvers. All of these tests were performed successfully.

The new removable external hi-backs were also extensively tested with positive results. This accessory creates the same feel of a strap binding and a true soft boot, but with step-in capability. With this addition to the binding package, T-Bone(tm) is now in the position to offer the consumer a complete product line that effectively competes with all models and makes of step-in binding systems.

One of the test riders, A.J., states: “The T-Bone system is a complete system. The ride is like nothing I have felt before, and I have been riding conventional strap bindings for eight years along with a competitor’s step-in system. T-Bone eliminates the pain and doesn’t compromise performance. I brought five different boards to test, each with different performance characteristics. The T-Bone worked great on all of them.”

Lee Rogers, head coach of the USA Amateur Snowboard Team and vice president of snowboarding at Thruster Snowboards, states: “The combined improvements to each of the integral components have fine-tuned the T-Bone system to a point where there is no equal in the marketplace. No matter what the condition, terrain or performance level, the T-Bone system adapts. No other system offers this versatility. I am confident that after Thruster’s team riders test the system, the purchase order will follow.”

Richard Perkins, chief executive officer of Crush Innovative Sports Systems Inc., states: “Our on-snow demos with snowboard companies, slated to start on Nov. 15, 1996, are on schedule. The product is ready to go.”

Crush Innovative Sports Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific International Enterprises Inc., develops sports-related products, based on its proprietary “quick release” fastening technology, for rapidly growing markets, including snowboarding and in-line skating.

Crush products address the deficiencies of current products by providing superior levels of performance, comfort and convenience.

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