PR: Palmer Honeycomb Core Snowboards In Production

At the February 1997 ISPO, Palmer Snowboards introduced its newest technology the first Palmer “Honeycomb” board. Super lightweight Honeycomb cores in combination with CapSandwich construction, multidirectional epoxy prepreg laminates, and carbon fiber represent the newest innovation from the Palmer factory in Austria where Palmer is leading the industry in the development of new technologies. After intensive testing by aggressive lightweight and heavyweight riders under varying hard and soft snow conditions in April and May, the first “production ready” prototypes have been released to the Palmer Team in small quantities for riding enjoyment. The 158 cm Honeycomb ultralight deck features a weight of only 5 lbs, a sensational 30% lighter than comparable woodcore boards, and with the addition of carbon fiber, this newest technology finally has the strength, durability, and production cost necessary for general distribution to retailers.

The basis for this successful lightweight construction is prepregs, which Palmer is using in all of its 199798 boards. Prepregs are specially designed for space and aircraft applications and stands for “Preimpregnated” fiberglass, which is a semi finished product.

Since Prepreg eliminates the use of liquid resins to impregnate the fiberglass, working with Honeycomb Cores is a giant success. Why? other manufacturers liquid resins would flow into the particular honeycombs and add weight, and thus destroy the honeycomb benefits that Palmer is perfecting for the first time. Using another Aerospace technology like honeycomb core construction with carbon fiber was just the next logical step for Palmer. Additionally, honeycomb core technology is characterized by enormous weight reduction, and highest compressive strength.

At presstime, Palmer plans to deliver a limited number of these Honeycomb Ultralight boards to select stores in the fall of 1997 in sizes 152 cm, 155 cm and 158 cm with a 4 colour sublimated topsheetand inlayed black PTex base.

Palmer “Honeycomb Core” Technology Boards contain:

  • Cap Sandwich Construction

  • Super lightweight Aeroweb Honeycomb Core

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Multidirectional Epoxy Prepreg Laminates

  • Isospeed BX Bases

  • Sublimation Printed Thermoplastic Polyester Topsheets

  • Stainless Steel 4×4 Pattern Inserts

  • HRC 46 Steel Edges

  • ABS Sidewalls

“Aerospace technology is best for air”