PR: Northwave 1997 – 98 Boot Preview

Northwave(R) will offer 16 models of snowboard boots for the up coming season; 13 men’s, 2 women’s, and 1 kid’s model. Manufacturing footwear for over 25 years and snowboarding boots for the past 8, we at Northwave feel that our products are of an innovative and high quality nature that can be found nowhere else. Summing up our hand-crafted Italian made boots is very simple; water proof, durable, comfortable, lightweight, and warm. With a product that can be everything for everybody, you can’t go wrong with a Northwave boot.

In keeping with our tradition of technical advances and originality, Northwave is proud to introduce 9 new models of boots that feature our latest innovative styling, materials, liners, construction, and 2 new sole designs. Our goal next season is to cover all key pricing levels for both the retailer and consumer without sacrificing the high quality of our boots for which we are known.

Committed to footwear and footwear only, Northwave promises to bring you a quality driven, functional, comfort fit snowboard boot for riders of all sizes and skill levels.

1997 – 98 Boot Highlights


Northwave(R) will offer one boot model specifically designed for the smaller rider. This high performance boot was produced with top quality construction and materials.


Northwave will offer 2 models of boots designed specifically for the fit of a woman’s foot. Both the outer shell and the liner of Northwave’s womens models are built on a womens last, ensuring a proper fit. Designed with input from our team and consumers, both women’s models cover entry level and mid range in design and price and are great for freestyle/freeride performance.


Northwave will offer 13 styles of men’s boots for 97-98, covering all aspects of entry level, mid range and high end boots. The men’s collection will continue with some of its past top performers, while introducing some new technically advanced and innovative models. Some of the new features will include: New sole designs, Improved lacing, Inner-Heel retention systems. Northwave will again offer the only GORE-TEX(R) snowboarding boot on the market as well as the patented BIOMEX(R) ankle support system. Quality, fit and function make for a great lineup of Northwave boots for 97-98.Saturn Series:

The Saturn is a perfect boot to cover any terrain with support and flexibility, and is simply one of the most advanced boot systems available. The Saturn features Northwave’s newest lacing system integrated within the high frequency support panels for maximum power when lacing. The Saturn utilizes the finest materials to provide the greatest comfort, warmth, and durability. The Saturn series is made up of 4 boots; 3 men’s using the same outer shell, and 3 different liner options; and 1 women’s boot designed specifically from a women’s last for a perfect fit with one liner option.

Materials: synthetic upper, suede trim, high-frequency support frame, nylon speed laces, Cordura(R) / synthetic tongue.

Technical Features: Our newest crossover lacing system is designed to control the lace pressure. When the boot is tightened nylon straps divert pressure to a support frame under the exterior shell, and top binding area. Result – more support, and no foot pain.

Saturn Biomex(R) (Freeride / Freestyle)

The Biomex liner features a stiffer flexing liner for maximum support and stability. The Biomex liner offered in the Saturn is an uncomplicated version of this system and diverts away all excess presser and pain, a common cause of ankle injury.

Saturn (Freeride / Freestyle)

Our new Saturn is simply one of the most advanced boot systems available and is a perfect boot to cover any terrain with support and flexibility. The Saturn features Northwave’s newest lacing system integrated within the high-frequency support panels for maximum power when lacing.

Saturn – Fusion (Freestyle / Freeride)<

Northwave’s newest liner features a combined construction of foam and lycra(R). This fusion of materials provides for a more supportive and anatomically correct foam liner. Using a lycra sock, a mold is created exactly to the shape of your foot. A combination of material and a two-part molding process gives the liner a personal shape with densityand support in all the right places.

Saturn – Women’s (Freeride / Freestyle)

The Saturn women’s model features a lycra stitched liner and a Velcro(R) top closure for easy entry. A synthetic / leather side support system provides for maximum ankle support. Both the outer shell and liner were built from a woman’s last to ensure a proper and comfortable fit specifically for women riders.

Amphibian (Freeride / Freestyle)

Returning from last years line the Amphibian is the only 100 % waterproof Gore-Tex(R) boot on the market providing warmth, breathability, and support. The Amphibian features an integrated liner for easy entry and offers support for freeride performance.

Materials: leather upper, leather reinforcement panels, non-bleed brass eyelets, 100% Gore-Tex lining.

Liner: The Amphibian features an integrated liner system with an internally-glued thermo plastic frame. This systems stiffens the boot and transfers toe-to-heel pressure evenly. The integrated liner offers the maximum comfort, support, and warmth required in a high-end boot such as this.

Technical Features: Lace loops direct pressure from laces to ankle for maximum support. The interior features a Cordura window which compresses when the binding strap closes. 100 % Gore-Tex waterproof protection.

Biomex (Freeride / Freestyle)

Northwave’s premier boot for the past two seasons, the Biomex features the highest quality materials and technical innovation in the industry today. Our teams favorite boot, the Biomex offers everything required for a world class rider to successfully drop into terrain of all levels, making it the perfect boot for all-mountain riding and freestyle amplitude.

Materials: Leather upper, suede trim, high frequency support frame, speed-lacing loops, corudra and leather tongue.

Liner: The Biomex liner features a patented support system which offers maximum ankle support. Designed to support both upper and lower ankle joints, pressure is diverted away from your foot by a liner that is constructed as a two-part anatomically formed shell. The flexible brace controls movements while enhancing performance.

Technical Features: A high-frequency exterior pattern diverts lacing pressure, creating a system of “fingers” which surround and support the whole foot.

International (Freeride / Freestyle)

Designed with the aggressive freestyler in mind and utilizing the finest materials and innovation to date, The International is another Northwave team favorite. The International features an internal heel-brace that eliminates heel-lift and provides the serious rider a supportive boot for both the pipe and all mountain freeride riding

Materials: Leather upper, suede trim, high frequency, support frame, speed-lacing loops, Cordura / leather tongue, reinforced high back.

Liner: The International’s liner is a progression from last season’s Lamm/Pro liner, incorporating a synthetic support pattern over a snug-fitting lycra sock. This liner features an easy entry one-strap Velcro closure and offers plenty of comfort and support in all the right places.

Technical Features: An external height-frequency systems works with an internal frame which provides for maximum ankle support. The external loops are stitched into the boots interior for an easy custom fit.