The “Berger 360” snowboard binding from Berger Enterprises, Inc. enables riders of all skill levels to enjoy the high-performance sport. The “Berger 360” is capable of a 360 degree rotation and on-ride adjustments – which means snowoarders no longer need to make cumbersome adjustments while in different areas on the mountain, and can immediately change their stance position in seconds without using any tools.

Available nationally in specialty snowboard and ski-related retail stores in July 1997, the “Berger 360TM” is compatible with all boots designed for the Switch Autolock bindings. Snowboarders now have a way to solve the problem of awkward adjustments, and more importantly are provided with levels of rotation unavailable by any other bindings on the market. To date, there are only a handful of step in binding systems that fill the rapidly expanding numbers of snowboarders. The “Berger 360” will not only give customers a choice in boot manufacturers but bindings as well.

Brant Berger, founder of Aptos, California-based Berger Enterprises, developed the “Berger 360” after watching countless snowboarders struggle with the limitations of existing step-in bindings. Brant’s enthusiasm for the sport of snowboarding inspired him to create something that would improve the performance and enjoyment of the sport.

“The Berger 360 opens a whole new world in snowboarding,” says Chris Edmands, professional snowboarder for Arnell Snowboards. “Manually making adjustments while trying to board is not only time consuming, but also limits the sport. This binding allows full rotation and can lock in a fixed position with ease, anywhere on the mountain.”

“One of the first things I appreciated was the feeling of total stability, actually standing directly on the board, and skating is a total breeze.” Karen Sigler, rider for Black & White Snowboards. “I felt the ‘Berger 360’ Binding improved my riding”