Pocket Medic

Do you hate the idea of carrying a first aid kit because it always seems like so much dead weight? Well if that’s your excuse, the new Pocket Medic from Adventure Medical Kits won’t let you get away with that any more. At 5″x4″ and about 4 ounces you’ve got no excuse not to take this handy little pouch along. You can slip it into a pocket in your jacket and forget it’s there. But you’ll be glad you have it if you develop a nasty blister on your heel or need to tend to a bleeding gash.The contents of the Pocket Medic come in a heavy duty, plastic zip-lock carrying case and include butterfly closures, adhesive bandages, sterile dressing, sting relief pad, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic towelettes, moleskin, Motrin, safety pins and tweezers. While certainly not for every emergency, this kit works well as a satellite kit for your main first aid kit or as it’s name denotes, something to stick in your pocket. And at a suggested retail price of $6.50, you can afford to put one in your jacket pocket and a pocket in your pack.

The only drawback to this kit is obvious: its size. While Adventure Medical started with a good idea, I would finish the job with a few extra sterile dressings (if you’ve got a bleeder you’ll need all you can get to soak it up) and a mylar emergency bag. Don’t be afraid to customize your kit for your needs.