Pizza Parkas Coming in Hot

Ever wonder what it feels like to be encased in a pizza delivery pouch? Well, here's your chance. To promote their new delivery pouches, Pizza Hut just announced their Pizza Parka, made with three layers of insulation including 3M Thinsulate—- the heat-holding material that's found in their new delivery pouches.

"Sophisticated, sleek, and steamy," says Pizza Hut. "The Pizza Parka is made from the same advanced triple-insulated material as Pizza Hut's new delivery pouches. So you can stay oven-hot and stylish this winter, just like your pizza."

The jacket is purported to have all the bells and whistles you need, including pockets for parmesan and one shaped for your pizza.

Pizza Pockets.. Ok..

"It's so good at keeping pizza warm, we thought it would be great at keeping humans warm, too," Pizza Hut said in a statement. "When you wear the pizza parka you get to feel like an oven-hot Pizza Hut pizza. And who doesn't want that?"

According to a story about the parkas on Adweek, "Each parka includes a weather-resistant outer covering, "heat-sealed seams," Velcro and are lined in the same materials that are inside the delivery pouches."

The story goes on to say, "the apparel also includes a smartphone-sized flap that allows consumers to use their phone while wearing the jacket, pockets to stash packets of parmesan and red-pepper flakes and splash guards to stop marinara sauce from swishing around."

We're into it.. But only because we're pining for pizza. Imagine hitting a rail with a nice, ooey gooey slice of pie in your pocket… While these jackets are limited edition and not for sale, we’ll try and swoop one for a proper gear test.

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