Don’t even think of stepping out of bounds without a transceiver, it could be hazardouse to your or others lives. Check out the Pieps 457 Opti-Finder ($315) distributed by Jackson, Wyoming-based Life-Link International. The Opti-Finder has several worthy features like the integrated loud-speaker, earphone jack, and two LED lights that provide visual indication of search direction and distance.

The Opti-Finder also has an added benefit over most other transceivers on the market. To misquote from Spinal Tap, “Yes, but ours goes to eleven.” According to Life-Link, the broader volume range “allows the searcher to increase the volume faster in a fine search and it makes it easier to detect subtle changes in signal strength.”

Also available is the Pieps 457 ($285) without the LED visual indicators. Both models come with a nylon webbing neck/body belt equipped with a positive locking buckle. Earphones for both models are optional and go for an additional 20 smackers.