Now that it’s become apparent there’s such a thing as women, and that some of these women snowboard, the snowboard market has been flooded with equipment made specifically for us females. But with so many new boards to choose from, what’s a girl to do?

We took it upon ourselves to sort through 25 of this year’s women’s freestyle (park and pipe) boards and narrow the field down to those most worthy of checking out.

After abandoning efforts to select boards based on how well they matched their outfits, testers Jennifer Sherowski, Sara Osterberg, and Tina Dixon decided to actually ride them. They headed to Mammoth Mountain in the heat of wife-beater season (April) to see how each board handled. Taking several runs on each one, our girls lapped the park and pipe like they were doing the hundred-meter freestyle in a hot tub.

After a series of tests more vigorous than those on Survivor, and much deliberation, the year’s top five women’s freestyle boards surfaced.¿Brooke Geery

Note: Just because you’re a goddess, you don’t have to ride a board specifically made for women. There are boards scattered throughout the Buyer’s Guide that the TransWorld women testers also liked. Three standouts are: The Airwalk Champ 153, the Allian Ingemar Backman 152, and the Ride Exile 153¿all worth a look.

Here they are. Click on a board, get a test result.

Chorus Determination
K2 Mix
Rossignol Diva
Salomon Ivy
Sims Tara Dakides
Chorus Determination