Being safe in the backcountry requires two fundamental components, a solid understanding of avalanche safety protocols, and the proper safety equipment. It is in response to the latter of these two components that we bring you news from our friends at ORTOVOX.

Starting this Friday, May 25th, ORTOVOX will be running a precautionary recall of their 3+ Avalanche transceivers due to an extremely rare software malfunction reported by ORTOVOX's Safety Academy Partners. The reported software malfunction causes interim disturbance of the transceiver's transmission function, and can ultimately lead to prolonged recovery times. This recall applies to any ORTOVOX 3+ avalanche transceiver running software version 2.1– no matter the color.

PHOTO: Hansi Heckmair.

Thankfully, there have been no known accidents caused by this software malfunction, and ORTOVOX is taking full responsibility for the error.

Those affected by this recall can ship their transceiver back to ORTOVOX at no cost to you, where it will be updated with software version 2.2 and swiftly returned. Software version 2.2 has recently undergone rigorous testing and ORTOVOX is confident that the software update will fix the malfunction. For those of you still out there scraping up the last bit of winter in the backcountry, ORTOVOX will happily ship you a replacement transceiver to use in the interim.

PHOTO: Hansi Heckmair.

If you have an ORTOVOX 3+ transceiver, you can jump over to ORTOVOX's recall site for more information on determining which software your transceiver operates on, and how to participate in the recall.

Remember, if you don't know, don't go, and always be sure to properly test and maintain your backcountry equipment.

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