One Stop Holiday Gift Guide
We know what you want, so we wrote your wish list for you.-A.F.

Brixton Hats
Cheerio! All the hipsters are wearing fedoras this season, only theirs aren’t half as cool as this brown corduroy number.
Stroll Fedora, $45 or

Yeah, we’re suggesting someone buy you socks this winter-your roommates and your feet can thank us later.
Athletic Winter-Tech socks, $19.50

Oh, I though you said shove-it the driveway, not shovel it-my bad.
Skull snowskate, $50

The Shitchyeah belt buckle will be a welcome addition to any outfit this season. $45

Snowboard Videos!
Videos are the gift that keeps on giving, especially when you get a free subscription to TransWorld SNOWboarding with your purchase online at
Draw The Line/Standard Films, $29
Jumping With Jussi/Mack Dawg Productions, $20
Follow Me Around/Mack Dawg Productions, $29
People/Mack Dawg Productions, $25
Ro Sham Bo/Misschief Films, $30
THAT/Forum, $25
Escramble/Volcom, $28
Ir77 Book and DVD combo, $39
The Gap Session and 91 Words For Snow (two-disc set), $29

Special Blend
This mesh-lined, custom, zip, hooded sweatshirt is one step up from your normal cotton hoodie. It’s probably nicer than what you’d normally buy for yourself-which is exactly why it’s ideal gifting material. $70

Who can afford to gift a complete snowboard? Not us. How about a Freebord? These things are hell to learn, but once you get rolling, it’s non-stop carving-minus the groomers.
Board, trucks, and wheels, $179
S2 bindings, $35

Now, it’ll never be too cold for your slip-ons. Introducing the Classic Slip-On LX with a warm, shearling lining, $100

All the cool kids are dangling these around their necks. Once you own the phone, you can just buy minutes as you go. It’s got a speaker, walkie-talkie, Web access, GPS …
Purple i835, $130