Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Notables: Salomon Grip 154
Future Freestyle
Salomon Grip 154

The future is now and it’s not filled with hover boards or magnetic bindings, it’s led by Salomon’s Grip-an eco-conscious twin-tip freestyle deck designed with simple but effective features that result in big changes in how the board handles and how it’s produced. Its RNLK (ridiculously long nose kick) tips are generously elongated for powder bob and presses without sacrificing its traditional camber’s snap, stability, and rebound. The Grip also features kinked Equalizer edges, which clamp to any snow surface without impeding a smooth arcing turn.

As far as construction goes, the G.I.F.T. (Green Initiatives For Tomorrow) bamboo sandwich encapsulates the core in veneers and rods of this sweet sustainable wood-practically eliminating heavy, toxic fiberglass resins and reducing its plastic content by 25 percent. And keep your eyes out for Wolle Nyvelt’s signature Grip that’ll be produced with layers of bamboo and glue-making it free of plastics, fully recyclable, and hopefully the shape of things to come.

Length: 154 cm
Sidecut Radius: 8 mm
Waist Width: 24.8 cm
Effective Edge: 118 cm
Price: $449
Also Available: 151, 157, 160