Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Notables: K2 Slayblade 158
Flat Averts The Splat

The Slayblade splits the whole camber debate in the middle with the zero camber of K2’s Flatline technology-“the lovechild of camber and rocker” jokes K2 board sculptor Sean Tedore. Why flat? Well, according to Tedore, a zero-cambered board provides smooth, equal pressure on snow, with a balance of stability and versatility. Basically, he says, “zero camber exhibits similar advantages of rocker [playfulness, powder buoyancy] and camber [snap, support] without the nervous, unpredictable feel of a cambered board or the total squirreliness of a reverse-camber deck.” Another claim of a flat deck is that, right out of the wrapper, it has that broken-in and comfortable feel, but with the pop and responsiveness of a brand-new stick.

This go-anywhere, do-anything deck wouldn’t be a completely balanced ride without a handful of other features. Around the inserts lay a ripple of squishy Harshmellow pads that absorb chatter. Stretching out to the tips are carbon forks for snappy response. The suspension and board feel is amplified through the thinned-out Hybrilight core and sidewall construction too, which slashes weight and puts your feet in tune with the terrain beneath. Factor all this into the relaxed amber feel and you have a package that keeps you from getting pitched.

Length: 158 cm
Sidecut radius: 8 mm
Waist width: 25.2 cm
Effective edge: 124.38 cm
Price: $549
Also available: 153, 156, 159W, 161, 163W, 164, 166W