Notables: Capita Green Machine

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Notables: Capita Green Machine 156
The Toxic Slasher

“We devour everything.” That’s the hype surrounding everything produced by self-proclaimed super corporation Capita. The new Green Machine is one exception altering this claim, though. It devours everything-except resources. As Capita frontman Blue Montgomery says, “At Capita, we like trees, and as sincere as our approach was to alternative materials, we didn’t want to make a cliché-laden eco-board-the kind with typical, directional shaping and tired, wood-grain hippie-style, retro surf-guy graphics on them.” Instead, they bore a true freestyle twin with 100-percent recycled ABS sidewalls, biodegradable bean-derived topsheet, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Reforestation Certified sustainable wood core, a beeswax modified 100-percent recycled sintered base, and graphics rendered in environmentally conscious inks.

All those ingredients are squashed into either a traditional or Flat Kick reverse camber model, yet the Machine’s not satiated until it savors some hippie blood. That’s the final ingredient inscribed on the topsheet-a sacrifice to the shred deities to ensure bountiful boardin’.

Length: 156 cm
Sidecut Radius: 8 mm
Waist Width: 25.1 cm
Effective Edge: 118.6 cm
Price: $499
Also Available: 152, 154, 158