Notables: Burton NoFish

PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

Burton NoFishNo Holds Barred
If the term "NoBoarding" isn't part of your vocabulary, it will be soon. Traditionally, a NoBoard is simply a snowboard without bindings fixed with a specially designed rubber polymer stomp pad and a bungee-like grabbing rope attached to your binding inserts. First conceptualized by Canadian riders Greg Todds and Cholo Burns as a bare-bones, surf-inspired way of enjoying the heaps of powder in Interior B.C., NoBoarding has officially been taken one step further with the Burton NoFish—the first-ever manufactured for NoBoarding snowboard.
Meant strictly for the worshipping of untouched, bottomless powder, the NoFish has a similar tapered shape to the legendary Burton Fish. "We used the NoBoard team to test these boards, not traditional snowboarders," says Burton Snowboard Testing Supervisor John "J.G." Gerndt—co-creator of the original Fish. "One thing that stands out about this board is it's not a normal snowboard. There're no bindings, so we didn't have to build it to ISO standards for insert pullouts. This let us to reduce the amount of fiberglass some and thus soften up the board a bit."  With this softer torsional and longitudinal flex, the rider can more easily direct the board with their weight and foot control. Also, the area of the topsheet where the grippy stomp pad sits is recessed into the core three millimeters, allowing the pad to actually sit in the board core, not on top of it and giving the NoFish even more direct feel. Yep, if you're looking for an insane new way to experience powder, the NoFish is it.—Jen Sherowski

Length: 154.5 cm
Sidecut radius: 7.95 m
Waist width: 25.2 cm
Effective edge: 1197.5 cm
Price: $500