Northwave 05/06

It’s about time for winter 05/06 to roll around and Northwave is ready for the season in a major way. While you’ve been out in the sun, we’ve been in the R&D room putting together our best line of products in years. Here is a quick rundown of what to expect in stores right now.


Northwave is staying focused on your feet with great fitting new boots. Look for the latest in Northwave technology–The Super Lace system–the quickest and easiest way to be laced up and ready to ride. From liners to soles, notice Northwave’s historical attention to detail and innovation. The new line is lightened up without taking away from durability, truly taking snowboard boots to a new modern level of fit and function.


This season Drake is bringing something potent enough for the guys but built for high end women riders. The Pricilla Levac binding is the first ever women’s specific pro model binding. This binding is built to meet her demands and designed off the chassis of our highly successful Drake Mikey LaBlanc pro model. Look for advancements throughout the line, updated aesthetics, an advanced baseplate in the Supersport and Czar, and a Dual Function Toe Strap that allows the rider to determine where they want it to be positioned for their own customized feel. We have also redesigned all our highbacks to have better compatibility with Northwave boots. We’ve got a full range of bindings for any budget and skill level. Drake bindings are still the only thing that should come between you and your board.

Introducing Venue Snowboards

What would you expect from us in a snowboard line? Cutting-edge design and master craftsmanship put together in a super clean and stylish package. Venue Snowboards is looking to make an impact on the landscape of snowboarding with how our boards ride, not just a graphic story. Venue boards give you the response you want and the confidence you need to finish what you start, but don’t take our word for it…look to the experts, we’ve already landed a spot in TransWorld’s Top 10 Good Wood Awards with our all around performance Onyx board. Needless to say, we’re stoked.


And be heads-up in any situation with Bakoda’s design logic no-nonsense utility snowboard accessories, with the innovative Bentley tool, and our unique Zackly driver. Bakoda delivers the straight-up mix of high-altitude innovation and function. The mountain can you leave you in all sorts of compromising situations, don’t be stuck in a jam without these essential tools.