Nixon TPS ($80)

Summer's here and it's time to take the jams outside. Enter the Nixon TPS, a clean, innovative, custom designed portable speaker from Nixon. Not to be confused with TPS reports, this brick-sized, custom designed "Travel Party Solution" is built for mobility with a sturdy aluminum case that houses its electronic goods. The grille is sand resistant and the cords easily stow when closed. Its simple 3.5mm audio jack boosts the sounds of your mobile phone, computer, iPod, whatever, and a simple USB cable charges the internal battery. Nixon is claiming 6 hours of juice in the battery–plenty to party. But it depends on how much and how long you crank it. If you’re like our Art Director John Antoski, you might want to practice in the art of outlet hunting. It’s seriously surprising how much sound can pump out of this thing, and if your ears aren’t satisfied, you can interconnect two for richer, cleaner audio.

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