Nitro Spell Snowboard Review 2014-2015

Nitro Spell Snowboard : Good Wood 2015 Reviews

Women’s Park Snowboards

New for 2015, the Spell incorporates Nitro's Flatout Rocker, making it a sassy temptress that will have you trying new tricks all season.  With a zero camber profile that lifts the nose and tail before the contact points, this deck allows for easy progression with its smooth and forgiving maneuverability. But when you want to hold your line, new Power Pods extend edges under your binding for added control. These edges are also twice as thick and strong as normal, so you can feel comfortable smashing all kinds of rails.

Price: $380

Available Sizes: 145, 148, 151

Tester Comments

"A perfect balance between soft and poppy, the Spell is awesome to send off jumps and butter through rails. Presses are easy to hold, and it's floaty and light in the air."

Nitro Spell Snowboard Review 2014-2015

Good Wood 2015 Snowboard Test Presented by

How do you pick the board that rides the way you want from the thousands of options out there? The answer: with the Good Wood 2015 Snowboard Test results. This year our 18 testers spent eight days hammering 400 boards through the park and pistes of Winter Park, Colorado. Each of these testers rides a little differently from one another, so there's something to be said when a board stokes out all who tried it. With the scores tallied for the 16th annual Good Wood, we present the best performing all-mountain and park boards of the year.

How The Boards Are Scored

Shortly after burning some laps on each board, our test crew inputs scores for 18 characteristics that measure the ride on a sliding scale. The park and all-mountain scorecards each have different criteria to pinpoint the strengths and weakness of each snowboard. We don't cut the boards open and examine the details, but the crew often does break a deck or three. Once the winners are calculated, the testers are long gone, and the cardboard dust has settled from shipping, we package the tester feedback and send it to the brands involved, which they can use to help make better boards.