Nitro Rook

Nitro Rook, $470Nitro Rook, $470

Here’s what the testers had to say:

“This board has good pop. Easy pressing. Very forgiving. Good all around shred everything board”
“Minimal camber makes it rad. I hit the big jumps on it and it does great. Still has some press on the rails. I would ride it all year.”
“Solid all park and all around board.”
“Pretty solid all around park deck, enjoyed the rails and jumps on it. Handled really well on the pipe as well.”
“Yes, yes, yes. Smooth park killing machine. Perfect flex pattern, tons of pop, and a shape worth working all summer to get your hands on.”

Nitro Rook Effective Edge (cm) Waist Width (cm) Weight Range (lbs) Stance Range (in) Stance Location (in) Sidecut (m) Shape Camber
152 cm 113 25 110–155 21.3–26 Centered 8.1/7.1/8.1 Twin Traditional
154 cm 115 25.2 120–165 21.3–26 Centered 8.4/7.4/8.4 Twin Traditional
156 cm 116 25.4 130–175 21.3–26 Centered 8.5/7.5/8.5 Twin Traditional
158 cm 118 25.6 145+ 21.3–26 Centered 8.8/7.8/8.8 Twin Traditional