Getting separated on the slopes can cause frustration and take some of the fun out of your day. Now you don’t have to worry about where your riding partner is if you each have one of Motorola’s new TalkAbout radios ($182). They’re small, light-weight, water resistant and even work pretty well. Motorola claims a two-mile range, but it’s definitely a line-of-sight range in good weather. The radios use 14 channels with 38 Interference Eliminator Codes giving you lots of channels in case there are several radios being used in the same area. Two AA batteries keep the unit working up to 30 hours, considering most of that time is spent in standby mode. I’ve seen many TalkAbouts in action this season. From snowboarders sighting landings to parents keeping in touch with their kids, most users are happy with the light-weight radios. Except of course the guy whose wife screamed at him to come down from high on the mountain to help her with her rental skis; his seemed to work a little too well.