Most Wanted Ocober 07

Traffic Jammin’

I spent more time on the road this year than ever before, and I also spent more money on shitty FM transmitters than ever before. During a road-weary stop to blow cash at a Best Buy in Reno, Nevada, I dropped in on this gem, and it has changed my life for the better. I put the DLO to its final test on the last leg of my trip, and it passed with flying colors. It works in the blackest hole of all iPod transmissions-Big Bear. -Evan LeFebvre

DLO TransPod, $100

Carrots And Stuff

I survived ten years in Montana on a vegetarian diet (thanks to the Community Food Co-op, page 201). I can totally make it through a weeklong road trip, right? Yes, but not without this book. It comes up a little short in Idaho (two vegetarian restaurants in the whole state?), but it’ll get you through long stretches of I-5, I-90, and I-95 without any McCompromises.-Annie Fast

Vegetarian Journal’s Guide To Natural Food Restaurants In The U.S. And Canada, 4th Edition, $18


It started with bamboo boards, but who knew Arbor would be one of the first brands ever to develop bamboo into a wearable fabric. These Arbor shirts are lighter and softer than cotton, and the fabric is both breathable and odor resistant. Other than that, it conforms to our hippie sensibilities, because bamboo is one of the greenest crops known to man.

Men’s T-shirt (70-percent bamboo/30-percent organic cotton blend), $36

Women’s T-shirt (100-percent bamboo), $32

Serious Protection

If you don’t know that traipsing through the airports, busses, city streets, and smokey-ass bars of the world in your snowboard jacket is the quickest way to ruin it, then you don’t know much. Yep-when I’m not on the hill, I’m pretty much always wearing the Nikita Heather Leather. It’s warm, keeps the rain and snow out, doesn’t stain or fall apart, and looks effin’ tough. It’s my armor for the battleground of road livin’.-Jennifer Sherowski

Nikita Natasza Heather Leather jacket, $210

One For All

The Shelter Sham is a hat, ‘danna, neckie, doo-rag, balaclava, mud flap, and fashion-piece dangler all in one. We like that it’s not bulky so you can shove it in your pocket; it’s windproof so you won’t get a chaff-beard; and it’s covering your face so you’ll be hidden from the savage rays. Face shots are so last year-get some sham shots this winter!-TWS Staff

Shelter, The Sham, $22