Morrow’s New and Newsworthy Construction Highlights

RubberthaneTM tip and tails – Our new blend of rubber/ABS/urethane has excellent bonding characteristics as well as impact-resistant qualities. Found in all our new snowboard models.

Spring Channels – Spring channels create a structure in the top layers of fiberglass in the snowboard, giving the rider more responsiveness and more camber retention. Found in Slick series.

3D Torque rods and Flex pattern – The unique three-dimensional structure (the contours and dished out areas of the top of the snowboard) transfers your body’s energy to the board’s edge in a programmed pattern. The torque rods, a technology pioneered by Morrow, are designed in a three dimensional pattern that steepens the angles of the fiberglass/carbon fibers as they reach the tip of the board. This transfers your body’s energy in a precise manner.

4 x 4 Hole pattern – The nearly standard four by four hole pattern will be on all of our ’96/97 boards. We changed from the Morrow 8 x 5 because we wanted to accommodate a variety of manufacturers’ bindings. “We don’t want to exclude anyone from riding the best snowboards made, just because of their binding make” said company founder Rob Morrow.


JunyorTM – This marks the 5th season that Morrow has made junior models. One of only a handful of companies that have special molds and tooling dedicated to a junior line. Morrow has always believed that kids should grow up on one plank not two. Sizes 111 cm (30 -70 Lbs) and 1 25cm (60 100 Lbs).

SlickTM – Morrow introduced the first hand laminated monocoque board three seasons ago. This means that even the first time buyer can afford a performance board. We improve the riding characteristics of the board each season, adding the new Spring Channels and Rubberthane tip and tails to the ’96/97 series. The smaller sizes have been scaled down for women and lighter riders.

RailTM – The high performance all mountain freeride series is available in more sizes in ’96/97 (40,45,50,55,60,65), the smaller sizes have also been scaled down for women and lighter riders.

SpoonTM – is a milestone in the history of snowboarding technology and a constant in the Morrow line. The ’96/97 series has improved Double BarrelTM construction and Rubberthane tip and tails. Also features a spot transparent graphic that highlight the high-end technology and designs that tell the story of what this board does best.

4tenTM – a new series designed for the seasoned freerider with Monocoque carbon fiber/fiberglass torque rod construction. In cruising lengths 59, 64 and 67.

Todd Richards – This popular model has evolved into a three board series (42,46, and 51) with shape and graphic design by Todd. The 42 is scaled down for women and smaller riders.

Goodwill – The powerful 176 designed by Matt Goodwill returns to the line. This board is designed to offer extreme performance in extreme conditions such as heli-boarding, cliff jumping, and other “don’t try this at home” type of stuff.

Revert XTM – Morrow’s most advanced freestyle board with Monocoque construction has improved double barrel and new Rubberthane tip and tails. Available in 43, 49 and 53.

3D RevertTM – This new spin on Morrow’s most popular freeride/freestyle model features the new 3D torque rods and 3D flex pattern. Custom base graphic on each model. Available in 43, 47, 51, 54, and 60.


Morrow offers 7 models of bindings to accommodate a wide range of freestyle and freeride riders.

The new A1 is made of transparent ultralight resins to hold up in extreme weather conditions. A detailed binding with ergonomically designed baseplate, adjustable heel-loop, single screw forward lean adjustment, and an ongoing list of functional features. Available in 22 sizes.

The new aluminum B1 baseless binding has new slotted mounting system for a variety of stance options. New power transfer highback and rider contoured heel-loop.

The aluminum M1 has new power transfer highback, rider contoured heel-loop and new universal mounting disk.

M3 and M3 Small basic aluminum binding available again in 1996.

Functional Rotational binding with new ankle strap with cam over-locking buckle also available for rental only in 1996.


The 1996/97 line consists of 4 boots for different abilities and riding styles. They are designed for precise fit in Morrow bindings.

SlickTM – Our all purpose price point freeriding boot for ’96/97 is made of leather and cordura. What makes this boot so unique from other price point boots is the quality of the liner (new bionic liner) and the Thinsolite lower. The Thinsolite sole is lighter, thinner and closer to the board, with less toe and heel drag than others on the market.

RailTM – Our new mid price-point freeride boot is made of water resistant Nubuck leather and cordura, features the new Thinsolite sole with new radial toe and heel – for no toe drag, and the new bionic liner.

RevertTM – new freestyle boot of embossed full grain leather and 1000 denier cordura, it also has the new Thinsolite sole and bionic liner. Cordura side panels give the greatest range of motion for exceptional freestyle riding.

4tenTM – The new freeride boot is 100% Nubuck leather (aniline dyed for color stay). The tallest boot in the line for support and fatigue reduction) features a lateral strap for adjustability, speed lacing, and an easy stuff tongue.


Morrow develops, engineers, and manufactures our exclusive Bionic Boot Liners in-house. The liner’s Prosthetic-Aided Design and Form-Fitting Memory molds the liner to the natural shape of each rider’s foot, and the Formed Ankle Cup eliminates “heel lift” by holding the heel securely in place. Recessed Medial Flex Grooves provide maximum medial flex, and Pressure Distribution Grooves divert and evenly distribute painful pressure off key nerves in the foot. Morrow liners are also extremely light weight polyethylene only .8 Lbs./pair for Size 4 and 1.6 Lbs./pair for Size 13. Morrow’s exclusive liner, molded in Salem, Oregon now comes with Neoprene lining for added warmth and comfort, and foot beds for customizing the fit.