Monument’s New Momento Mori Snowboard

(Bellingham, WA) Monument Snowboards is excited to introduce you to new Memento Mori snowboard from the 2009-2010 collection featuring artwork by Kelsey Brookes.  2009-2010 will be a pinnacle collection of amazing riding freestyle boards featuring artwork from some of the most critically acclaimed artists from around the world.

Memento Mori
MSRP: $459
The Memento Mori is a true twin tip and one of the lightest boards you will ever ride!  This lightweight dominator uses our E.S.P Ultra core matrix to allow for perfect swing weight during spins.  It combines a bamboo and X Wood core with Volcanic TTX glass to deliver lightweight performance. The bamboo sidewalls provide extra snap, reduced weight, high tensile strength and side impact protection.  Bamboo sidewalls also allow for solid energy transfer down the edge of the board so that you have unsurpassed grip in the iciest of conditions.  This board is the choice for the tech savvy rider out there that demands a top performing freestyle board.

158, 160, 163

Conscientious has two states of being in this world, aware and unaware. Awareness is the state you are in at the moment if you are reading this. Unaware is what you were before and what you will be after you are aware. The paintings featured on this board represent the only exception to that rule. Creation exists beyond the grasp of physical parameters and universal constants, unseen by tangibility and rationality, place where rules are fluid and dynamic, forever changing in accordance to the unknown. These paintings are a product of this place, this limbo between two worlds. When I close my eyes these paintings are what I see.
– Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes was born in 1978. A formally trained scientist who spent years tracking viruses for the U.S. government, he now lives and works in San Diego as a painter. His art can be found broadly throughout the US and Europe and is represented internationally by the Lazarides gallery (London). Kelsey's figurative paintings draw influence from Hindu and Buddhist deities, exotic animals, sex, and rustic American quilts. Each figure is adorned with ghostly representations of the natural world, animals and plants that unfold from the body into the surrounding canvas. His chimeras are frozen with animalistic intensity in explosive and sometimes tortured positions. Kelsey blames this raw, anxious form of art on the U.S. University system which refuses to teach its scientists how to draw.

About Monument Snowboards:
Each year we curate an ever-growing pedigree of artists to create site-specific art and deliver the highest quality product on the market. Turning our back to momentary trends, vapid graphic design and company branding, we focus on the visual impact and technical superiority of our boards. Everything we produce is created hand in hand with a roster of established and emerging artists in an attempt to infuse art into the world around us. Our dedication to provide premium products drives us to search for new and unique approaches to enhance riders’ snowboard lifestyles worldwide.  Started in 2001, based on a collective of Mid-Atlantic artists, MNMNT was started and driven by art.  Providing unique products to riders.  Today, that collective is worldwide, with many artists across the globe contributing to our vision.  While many companies have changed their direction based on the industry trends, MNMNT has stayed true to its beginnings.

Monument Snowboard Team
Jeremy Cline, Doug Mercer, Ethan Deiss, Robby Balharry, Chris "Chach" Chance, Mike Fink, Nick Geisen

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