(Bellingham, WA) Monument Snowboards is pleased to introduce you to another series of boards from our new lineup for the 2009-2010 season featuring the artists known as SSUR.  2009-2010 will be another collection of amazing riding freestyle boards featuring artwork from some of the most critically acclaimed artists from around the world.

Ruslan Karablin, better known in the art & design world as ‘SSUR’, emerged from the NYC downtown art scene 15 years ago. Ruslan was born in Russian occupied Odessa, Ukraine in 1969 but later moved to Coney Island, NY where he spent most of his young life. In 1989, Ruslan, an outside artist with no formal training introduced himself to the art world when he released a series of paintings that have now become sought-after collector pieces.

With no formal training, the Coney Island raised artist secured his subversive status by developing a signature of work influenced by 3 main Soviet subject matters: sex, politics and protest. To follow up on interest generated by his paintings, he turned his attention to t-shirt design as a way for people to own copies of his artwork. It was the perfect option for both presentation and utilitarian purposes.

So, it was in this moment that the SSUR was born producing its first line of tees in 1990 under the SSUR Brand, pioneering what is known internationally today as 'streetwear'. Since this venture began, the SSUR name has traveled the world and has secured itself as a brand synonymous with both innovation and quality. Ruslan is the complete conceptual artist.  Every facet of the life he encounters becomes motivation for conceptual art.

The body of work he's produced in the last eighteen years, from his commercial to artistic endeavors, encompasses a combination of pop culture, music, his own Russian cultural influences, as well as the revolutionary iconography of the 20th century.  Ruslan's work is a championing of the "anti-hero" theme ever present in the modern day urban myth.  The 3 SSUR x MNMNT snowboards featured in this years special edition collection celebrate SSUR's 15 year anniversary and represent the past, present, and future.

MSRP: $319

148, 151

MSRP: $419

156, 158

MSRP: $359

153, 156

About the boards:
All of the SSUR feature our ESP Cores (Earth Science Project) which utilize renewable resources of specific woods species and feature our TTX Triaxial glass to give our boards that extra pop.  Both the SSUR2 and SSUR3 Feature our Terra Sidewalls which are comprised of a compressed Bamboo to give the board extra strength as well as amazing energy transfer to the edges.  Each board is twin in shape.

About Monument Snowboards:
Each year we curate an ever-growing pedigree of artists to create site-specific art and deliver the highest quality product on the market. Turning our back to momentary trends, vapid graphic design and company branding, we focus on the visual impact and technical superiority of our boards. Everything we produce is created hand in hand with a roster of established and emerging artists in an attempt to infuse art into the world around us. Our dedication to provide premium products drives us to search for new and unique approaches to enhance riders’ snowboard lifestyles worldwide.  Started in 2001, based on a collective of Mid-Atlantic artists, MNMNT was started and driven by art.  Providing unique products to riders.  Today, that collective is worldwide, with many artists across the globe contributing to our vision.  While many companies have changed their direction based on the industry trends, MNMNT has stayed true to its beginnings.

Monument Snowboard Team
Jeremy Cline, Doug Mercer, Ethan Deiss, Robby Balharry, Chris "Chach" Chance, Mike Fink, Nick Geisen

For More Info:  www.monumentsnowboards.com