Mitts Versus Gloves

It’s a random decision-mitt wearers can’t figure out why anyone wouldn’t take advantage of the heat generated by fingers huddled together, while glove enthusiasts are boggled as to why anyone would compromise the dexterity and shaka-bility of gloves. Luckily, manufacturers are starting to make models in both mitt and glove versions, so no one should feel left out this season.
As for this winter’s trends, expect to find even more slim and low-profile winter gloves than before-hallelujah!-A.F.

Approach glove or mitt in blu tang/firecracker red, $45
Both versions from our friends at Burton come with a removable fleece liner and Thermacore insulation-toasty in even the most wicked nor’easter.

Top Score glove or mitt in white, $90
Both versions from the Leines brothers come with a removable pipe-glove insert. The mitt has a flip-mitt zipper opening. Check out the gaming detailing.

Cobra GT glove or mitt in charcoal/black, $70
Short gauntlets and a slim/low profile are the marks of the popular leather Cobra GT series.

Glove In Black in stealth black/pinstripe, $70, and the Scrambler Mitten in black, $45.
The Scrambler is a species of mitt known as a lobster claw-part mitt, part glove. The G.I.B. is a classier pinstripe, leather riding-glove.

Precious glove or mitt in pink, $40
These are definitely some of the best-fitting models on the market, with no extra bulk and a slim fit. Hate pink? They come in black, too.

Grenade Gloves
Dishonorable Discharge mitt in black, $XX, and Ambush glove in camo, $XX.
Both models come with a removable pipe-glove liner (complete with a grippy palm). You also get instant street cred ’cause you’re wearing Grenade.

POW Gloves
Re-Stealth glove or mitt in brown/orange, $65
A new model by POW, the mitt features soft, fleece finger compartments, and a narrow profile. Both are goatskin leather with a very haute couture fit-get a different color to match every outfit.