Mint Jolly


They call it Mint Jolly but the only thing minty about it is the color. Probably a good thing; after all, why does snowboard wax have to smell funny anyway? But Swix’s Mint Jolly is actually their F4 rub-on all temperature wax packaged for snowboarders. But instead of the paste in a tin, Swix has changed the packaging of F4 for the better.

Mint Jolly and F4 now come as a small, solid, round cake attached to a synthetic cork; rub on the wax and buff it out with the cork. The solid cake is easier to apply than the old F4 paste because you don’t have to scrape it out of the tin. And since it’s solid you don’t have to worry about the paste drying out in the tin, rendering the wax useless. Also, because Mint Jolly comes in a solid form there are fewer solvents than in the paste wax, and solvents really aren’t very good for anything but removing wax.

Perhaps the only negative aspect of Mint Jolly is because it is a hard cake it’s a little harder to rub much on, and then, like most rub-on waxes, tends to wear off quickly. However, F4 has always been a quality wax for the price; it’s quick to put on and a fast gliding wax to boot.