Words: Mike Lewis

Imagine a stylish, watch-type device that not only tells the time but can track stats ranging from airtime to number of times you paddle surfing, knows what sport you're participating in automatically, spits out stats on your mobile device, and lets you build contests to one up yourself and your friends.

This futuristic idea came to the crew at NZN Labs and Vapor Studio,  and they've turned their dream into reality with a new action sports-specific activity tracker called LIT, which debuted on Indiegogo April 2, raising 27,ooo dollars of its 100,000 dollar goal in just one day.

Conceived by NZN's Ricardo Camargo, Michael Ford, and Richard Zinn, the crew's goal is to do for the activity tracking market what GoPro did for camera world, and after looking through the functionality, it looks like they're onto something big.

“We know snowboarders and skiers have a lot of options when it comes to apps and gadgets they can use to enhance their sport, so we made something completely different, something that opens up a whole lot of new capabilities,” says LIT Founder and Engineer, Richard Zinn. “[Snowboarding] is a lifestyle and everything you do on or off the mountain helps you prepare; LIT helps you with that. We also built LIT for the rugged and extreme conditions of the mountain. Just tap the face of the module and it shows you the time, and your score for the day. The module was also designed with sensors that allow us to tap in to a lot more data to determine your activity level, your speed of rotation, and the g-loading experienced going up the face of a jump or on your landings or tumbles. On top of all that, LIT has some great features for helping you stay connected with your buddies, whether it’s competing on air-time, or just on an active day of cross training. We’re also working on a competition where people can combine basic tricks together (air-time and rotations) to earn extra points and rank. It’s testing well so far, but we haven’t announced it officially yet.”

The guys over at TransWorld Business recently sat down with the co founder and CEO of NZN labs, Michael Ford. Check out the interview HERE